Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Homemade Envelope Seals, Gift Tags, and Cards from Pinkie's Palace

You are in for a treat with this one!  These seals and tags are just fabulous.  They will add such a chic flare to any package.  As you know, often times, half the gift is the beautiful packaging you choose.  Here are a few great, chic ideas for these wonderful seals and stickers:
·         Place a seal on the envelope at a wedding, shower or other gift giving occasion, your gift and card will stand out for sure!
·         Use the seal to tack down a sprig of lavender or single flower to a package wrapped in brown or neutral paper…simple elegance.
·         Simply place the seal alone, centered on the top of a small wrapped jewelry box… what a way to showcase the gift inside.
·         Place the seal in the center of the lid to a mason jar that contains preserves or fruit.  This will make your homemade canning creations look great!
·         Tie the gift tags around a napkin and silverware roll at a nice table.  Designate seats by writing the guests name on the tag.
·         Do you own a shop, boutique, or run a craft booth?  Why not use the gift tags as creative pricing tags.  There are so many designs and shapes to choose from to match your products.
·         Use the adorable mini thank you cards to write notes to your significant other thanking them for their wonderful traits and actions.  They are so nice and small you can tuck them in their lunch bag, pockets, and around their car to find on the drive to work.  Imagine how special they’ll feel. 

As you can see, the uses for these great items are endless!  You can take a look at all the other designs here.

I Love You Cards

This women has a great idea and a great cause.  She is spreading these cards over the whole world and inviting everyone to share in the cause and share their pictures.  However, these would make great little gifts for your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, or other significant other.  Imagine how special your significant other would fell on their birthday or anniversary if they found these cards stashed all over their car, office, house, in there lunch bag, or even in their pockets.  Such a great little gift idea.  Please not that actual cards are not wrinkled and worn as the one in the picture... (thats what it looks like after it's been in your spouses pocket!) 

Best of all you can order 20 of these cards for just $5 and free shipping!  What a deal.  Feel free to browse her site and see what a clever idea this is!

Welcome to Gifts on a Budget

Welcome to Gifts on a Budget.  This is a place for great gifts ideas that look top dollar...but don't COST top dollar.  These gifts are chic, clever, unique and perfect for anyone on your gifts list.  Please be patient while we get everything up and running.  If you have any suggestions for postings, links or ideas to share, or wish to share your unique products that are budget friendly; please e-mail us at